Pole Bridge Road

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Pole Bridge Road

Pole Bridge Road

West Woodstock, CT

17 Acres

This parcel of cedar swamp in Woodstock is a unique ecological system that is integral to the hydrology and natural integrity of the area. The property is home to great white northern cedars and surrounding the swamp region there are a rich sphagnum moss populations.

The property can only be accessed through a six-foot wide right-of-way that extends several hundred feet from Pole Bridge Road. This right-of-way traverses thick forests and steep, rocky slopes. The New Roxbury Land Trust does not allow the use of other power-driven mobility devices along this right-of-way. Such use is likely to place both the safety of the device operator and the integrity of its natural environment at risk.

The property is primarily swamp. Those areas that are not swamp are densely forested. Use of other power-driven mobility devices on the property is unsafe because the swampy ground has high levels of woody debris decomposition, thus making the ground unstable, and it is difficult to maneuver through the dense forest. Any attempt at operating such a device on the property creates a substantial risk of serious harm to the rich sphagnum moss populations on the ground as well as to the great white northern cedars that are found throughout. Northern White Cedar (native populations only) (Thuja Occidentals) is a threatened species in Connecticut so extra care around this forest is warranted. There are no trails on the property.

ADA Accessibility Determination: Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices are not allowed on the Pole Bridge Road property.